What does guinea pig Sandy like best in this video?

  • Eating green fresh lettuce
  • Eat ripe and juicy carrots
  • Like to watch fish in an aquarium
  • Likes to take baths

And just having a good time.
You will also see a rare video of guinea pig Sandy, 3 months old.

Description of the guinea pig breed “Luncaria”

Luncaria (Lunkarya Guinea Pig), with an emphasis on “and”, is one of the newest and most recent breeds in the world of guinea pigs.

The appearance of the Luncar pigs is very attractive and attracts all eyes. …

Description of the guinea pig breed “Kui”

Kui, giant guinea pigs, come in many different types. COBAYOS weighing up to 4 kg, the largest of them. They reach a length of 50 cm. Kui species differ in size and body structure.


Kui, like wild guinea pigs, live in South America. They are most commonly found in Ecuador…

Description guinea pig breed “Curly”

Curly (Curly Guinea Pig) is a new breed of guinea pigs, still quite rare, discovered recently in Sweden. Very often, curly guinea pigs are called “curly”, very often instead of curly one can find the name “curly guinea pig”. …

Description of the California guinea pig

The California breed (or California) is one of the newly developed guinea pig breeds that has yet to be recognized.

We even managed to find a breed standard on the vastness of the foreign Internet, which means that in some countries work is actively underway.


Californian guinea pigs have a…

Description of the guinea pig breed “Himalayan”

Himalayan pigs have not yet received official recognition, but this breed has already found its admirers all over the world.

Main features of Himalayan guinea pigs

So who is the Himalayan guinea pig? This is an albino pig with skin and coat pigmentation in some areas (mask on the face, paws and ears). …

Guinea Pig Sandy

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