Description guinea pig breed “Curly”

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Curly history

Curly features

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Care and maintenance of curly

  • a spacious cage, the minimum allowable area of ​​which, according to experts, should be about 0.6 square meters, which corresponds to a size of 100×60 cm.This requirement is due to the fact that guinea pigs are quite active animals, and they need a lot of maintenance of the necessary tone and health move, run, walk — in a word, they need space to move. If the cage is smaller, then this can tell on the health and character of the guinea pig. For more information on what the correct cage should be, read the article “ Guinea pig cage “;
  • a correct diet, including vegetables and fruits, hay and / or fresh grass, special pellets (dry food) and clean drinking water (for more details, see the “ Nutrition “ section ). Curly is a newly developed breed, as mentioned above, and such breeds can often have problems with immunity and be more susceptible to various diseases. Therefore, do not forget about vitamin supplements, especially about vitamin C.
  • regular walks: in the summer — in the fresh air, on the lawn or on the grass, in the winter — around the room.
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The secret life of my guinea pig Sandy

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Guinea Pig Sandy

Guinea Pig Sandy

The secret life of my guinea pig Sandy

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